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OVERVIEW: Privately controlled entrepreneurial financial advisory/consulting and principal merchant banking firm engaged in a wide range of corporate restructuring, investment banking and related financial advisory and investment activities

Main focus: Provided clients with general corporate finance advice, helped restructure troubled real estate, acted as a investor and interim CEO in corporate turnarounds, advised clients on M&A, raised venture capital for corporate start-ups

Associated activities: Provided strategic management consulting focused on shareholder value creation through strategic repositioning, business model refocusing, and organizational downsizing

Clients: Mainly focused on the small- to mid-sized corporate market in the US and the UK, but also provided financial advisory support services to very high net worth individual clients

Denscombe & Co., Inc.

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Client case studies

Strategic management consulting

Advised CEO of American fashion apparel company (Sales: US$5 billion) about restructuring company’s operations, repositioning core business strategy, resolving channel conflict with key partner retail stores

Financial advisor

Financial advisor to very high net worth investor/shipping company owner on various major corporate investments, including acquisition of multimedia content companies for his singer/entertainment industry partner

Restructuring troubled real estate

Provided financial advice to New York hotel firm about financially troubled large-scale (US$100 million) near finished luxury hotel project in the Rocky Mountains; reorganized the operations (on-site), developed new business plan, restructured the funding

Corporate finance / Real estate advisory

Provided strategic advice and business planning to Australasian client for tentative takeover attempt of top US film studio and entertainment company; also provided advice on restructuring same client’s Southern California real estate portfolio

Corporate turnarounds / principal activities

Acted as principal investor and interim (CFO) in turning around financially-troubled skincare company; created sustainable new business plan, restructured firm’s operations, and repositioned firm’s strategic focus

Corporate turnarounds / principal activities

Acted as principal investor and interim CEO in turning-around financially troubled London (UK) based high-end video and media content business; created/implemented sustainable new business plan and repositioned firm’s operations on areas of competitive advantage

M&A and takeover advisory

Provided advice to investment group and arranged $1.7 billion of takeover financing for hostile takeover attempt of major Southern California based retailer; negotiated private sale of stock owned to the ultimately successful bidder, earned client $50 million profit

M&A and takeover advisory

Arranged $800 million of equity and subordinated debt financing for hostile takeover attempt of major US corporation; client investment group ultimately outbid, but still earned $60 million for client portfolio on stock price gain

Venture capital and new start-up

Provided start-up advice and raised venture capital for significant new magazine start-up in New York; after start-up, sold additional private equity to largest UK advertising firm

Denscombe & Co., Inc.’s ongoing financial business and investment activities merged into wider-focused “Denscombe Corporation” in 2001 (Capital Markets)


Previous strategic alliance with S. J. Conway & Co., Inc., New York based merchant banking boutique

(See S.J. Conway and Company.pdf)

Former Alliances

Previous strategic alliance with S. J. Conway & Co., Inc., former New York based merchant banking boutique

(See S. J . Conway starts new firm.pdf)

New York office