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Bringing out the best in me and making me understand “who I am today”, “where I want to go” in my professional and personal lives, and “why an MBA education” would be the best management growth/development vehicle to positively change me in the right ways to help get me there


Starting point: Global-oriented 26 year-old European-South American dual citizen businesswoman with high career aspirations to help change the world positively.

CLIENT: For me, I believe the best way to have such a positive contribution is through my own future global business venture, and I hope to follow the same path as my own family role models. Although I am still relatively young, I already have a wide multi-cultural background, an undergraduate and graduate business education in some top European schools, work experience in Europe and in Asia. But I know that I am obviously lacking a lot of things to get me where I want to go. Immersion in a top global MBA program is definitely the right next step for me, but I was not clear at all about how to successfully go about that. Fortunately, fate intervened and I was able to locate the perfect career and business education mentor, Nigel Denscombe, who has helped set me in the right new direction as my MBA admissions consultant and management career mentor!


Honestly, I am delighted to write a testimonial supporting the real value-added of Nigel’s MBA admissions consulting, without which I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to submit such a strong MBA application. I am sure that thanks to his consulting services, my odds at entering a top MBA program increased very significantly!


Why I chose to work with Nigel

I decided to work/partner with Nigel after interviewing/meeting with two other MBA admissions consultants, one face-to-face in Tokyo and another via Internet. While in our first meeting Nigel could outline, in a very understandable way, the necessary steps to follow to build a successful application, the other consultants were more eager to convince me to apply to other schools in which I was not interested rather than describe the application strategy as Nigel had done. Also, his high “success rate” had a huge impact on me, being the incentive I needed to fully believe that perhaps I too would be able to get into my dream school. Moreover, I could tell that working with Nigel would be a fun experience and the stressful application process would go by like a breeze (it actually did)!

Impressive business school educator!

Working/partnering with Nigel these past few months has been a truly positive business and life learning experience. One can really tell that he must be an impressive Strategy Professor in his primary business educational activities in the business school classes he teaches in Waseda University School of Commerce (Tokyo), CICOM Brains (Tokyo), and many other business/corporate management programs in Japan and around the World!

Making me really understand where I want to go and why!

Nigel’s insights/reviews/remarks/questions were invaluable towards highlighting my strengths and constructing a career/life story that not only fits the facts but also matches perfectly what I believe top MBA programs are looking for in their applicants. Nigel genuinely knows top MBA programs around the world and how to approach the long application process step-by-step. Definitely, without his continuous and insightful support, I would never have been able to draw-out and define “who I am” today, “where I want to go” in my professional/personal life, and “why an MBA” would be the best management growth/development vehicle to positively change me in the right ways to get me there.


Getting the job done anywhere and anytime!

Not only was Nigel flexible to meet at convenient time/place in his company office location in Tokyo, but also helped me complete my MBA application distance by email when I had to travel abroad to South America and urgently needed the last tips to finally submit my MBA application by the application deadline. He was always available in spite of the different time zones/business holidays, and effectively answered my doubts in record time! He truly has great business and professional integrity, and can be trusted to get the job done, above even high expectations and under sometimes challenging circumstances.


Much more value-added than just an MBA admissions consultant!

Moreover, the MBA application process with Nigel’s MBA admissions consulting is actually great fun and a valuable warm-up experience for life in a top MBA program (which he knows from the inside himself both as a Harvard Business School graduate and also as a well-respected global management/business school educator)! Equally important and I think rare in the MBA admissions consulting business, because of his management knowledge gained in the real world, he can provide career advice/development support well outside the application process itself.


I recommend Nigel’s MBA admissions consulting to everyone seeking to maximize the chance to get into a top MBA Program, whether you are looking for local support in Japan or distance counseling at any time/place around the world. But, of course, even Nigel with his impressive MBA admissions success track record cannot guarantee 100% that you will get into your dream school. Either way though, you will still get substantial takeaways and real value-added from him, and you will find your thinking will be critically and proactively transformed. Indeed, perhaps more impressive than just trying to get you into that top MBA program, he will help transform your thinking about who you are, where you want to go, and what the best next steps should be, and do it in a way that “fits the facts” of your special situation. Genuinely, Nigel is not just concerned with getting you into a top MBA program, but he wants to help you reshape your career thinking and your understanding of what really motivates you, and he has the necessary professional and personal attributes to be successful in this! In the end, this is what truly separates him from the vast number of MBA admissions consulting “experts and gurus” out there, and this is the lasting value that he can offer you!

Nigel’s MBA admissions consulting client

MBA admissions consulting

Transformation: Nigel Denscombe supporting and inspiring a European/South American businesswoman to pursue her passionate dream of contributing to a better world by upgrading her life assets through a top school MBA education