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HR development / business education

Key strategic partnerships with CICOM Brains and Waseda University School of Commerce to provide original business education materials, turnkey management programs as well as course facilitation through instruction

CICOM Brains, Inc.


Denscombe Corporation and its affiliated firm – Denscombe & Co., Inc. – has had a long strategic relationship in Tokyo with the global-oriented human resource development firm, CICOM Brains, where Nigel was one of the three co-founding management team members (1996), and served as director until 2001.

Nigel is no longer an active director of the CICOM management team, but he still teaches MBA-caliber part-time and intensive management courses in English. As an educator, he designs and teaches executive management and leadership programs, and Global Leadership Program (GLP) open school MBA-level courses like strategy, strategic business planning, financial management, business simulation, essential and advanced problem solving, competitive strategy analysis, business plan development, and new venture start-up (See below)

Sample course developed/facilitated: STRATEGY (Jan-Mar 2011)

Strategy course syllabus.pdf

  Watch this Strategy course overview on YouTube

   Strategy course introduction by Nigel Denscombe

Sample student learning from this strategy course 2 case studies:

Other samples of CICOM management courses developed/facilitated:

Business Plan Development course syllabus.pdf

Financial Management course syllabus.pdf

Business Simulation course syllabus.pdf

Essential Problem Solving course syllabus.pdf

Advanced Problem Solving course syllabus.pdf

Competitive Strategy Analysis course syllabus.pdf

Strategic Business Planning course syllabus.pdf


Denscombe Corporation CEO, Nigel Denscombe


Waseda University School of Commerce

Executive Training Programme Japan

*Sponsored by the European Union




Since 2006, Denscombe Corporation has been strategically aligned with Waseda University, where our CEO has been important in designing and implementing an upgraded business school curriculum in the Executive Training Programme Japan. While this full-tine/intensive training programme sponsored by the EU had been highly regarded for its cultural and language immersion since its inception in 1979, this long-running course (over 1000 executives have graduated) was refocused and repositioned in 2006, with the intent of upgrading the management training side of the course to world class business school standards. Waseda University School of Commerce, having joined as the provider of the Japan side programme educator in 2006, retained Denscombe Corporation as the key strategic partner to both develop the necessary new management courses required and also deliver them as a lead instructor.

Denscombe Corporation has provided critical business education content and curricula in three key course areas: (1) Japan market-entry, (2) Business plan, and (3) Business plan mentoring to build Japan market  business plans for sponsoring EU companies. This alliance has resulted in Denscombe Corporation creating various original business content, like case studies and business skill development instruction manuals, as well as putting together turnkey whole course solutions such as “Business Plan” course (Sample course). Our contribution has been highly regarded and it is fair to say that the programme has been become much more professional and institutionalized in part because of the value added by our firm.

ROLE:  Denscombe Corporation was hired to help restructure the programme, build-up the content, and join the core instructor team.


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